Thursday, September 5, 2013, The first responsive NBA team site

The NBA introduced the first responsive team site in sports with the launch of the all new Dallas Maverick's site. 

The site follows the flat design approach with a left-hand side, fly-out navigation. The site is fully responsive with sleek transitions as you navigate pages that appear to the scroll to the precise place for you on click release.

Lately many design folks subscribe to the idea that the best kind of design is the kind you don't notice. The design and user-interface on the new site is so intuitive and effortless that it falls into this category of great design.

I think it is safe to say that there was some risk in being the first team and league to go with this new modern approach to web site layout design. Sports fans are not the most accepting of change and neither are sports team front-office folks, usually. 

Up until last year, the NBA ran all of it's sites on a very outdated custom CMS called Elcid. They finally switched to Drupal, and since Drupal is open source, we can expect to see more NBA teams going in the responsive direction with their team sites. 

The responsive revolution is important for sports because sports fans especially want their content on all of their devices, all the time. With responsive web design, the experience from website to tablet to phone can all be the same. Imagine the team sites as you know them working more like apps on your desktop. That is indeed where it is all headed, and the Dallas Mavericks have arrived.

Congrats to the Mav's and Mav's fans everywhere. This site will help make this a really fun season to be a Dallas fan! 

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