Tuesday, November 5, 2013

100 Greatest Pro Sports Logos Countdown - #69 New Orleans Hornets - Alternate

#69 New Orleans Hornets - Alternate

The New Orleans Hornets are a National Basketball Association team in New Orleans, LA.

Logo referenced from Sportslogos.net.

This alternate logo for the New Orleans Hornets is one of my very favorite perfectly symmetrical sports  logos. The fleur de lis shape creates a nice backdrop for the hornet to fit with in. The sharpness of the logo is expresses throughout the many points repeated through the design and yellow ball in the center completes a great color palette and ties the logo to the sport very well. Overall, this was a strong logo on many levels. I am sad to see it retired, but I look forward to what the new Hornets camp comes up with next with the branding juggernaut, Michael Jordan at the wheel.

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