Monday, June 16, 2014

San Antonio Spurs are NBA Champions!!!

Click the image to watch the Spurs recap video.

I hope we can start talking about how amazing the Spurs were this year and stop making this all about how LeBron or anyone else on the Heat blew it!

As basketball fans don't we want a team full of solid role players rather then superstars to play the closest thing we've ever seen to perfect basketball, under a coach as genius and inspiring as Popovich?

Why are so many basketball fans denying themselves the moment that is now? This is the moment the NBA and all of sports has needed desperately in this age of hundred million dollar contracts and larger then life egos…  A group of individuals playing as a true TEAM, selfless and trusting in their execution and ultimately defeating the three-headed seemingly unbeatable monster.

As someone who had been previously down on NBA basketball these past couple of years, this year I have been renewed and reassured that I still deeply and truly love this game!

Congrats to the San Antonio Spurs. To me what you have done in these 2014 NBA Finals is even greater that what other teams have done to receive the same honor. Just. Wow.

Since this is a design blog after all, check out friend of, Senior Sports designer Rusty Morris' "NBA Champions" Tervis Tumblers that shipped this morning.  They look amazing! Save me one, Rusty!

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